Industries We Service 

All Tech works with all industries to find the ideal solution to your automated and security gating needs.

We understand that gating solutions are not “one size fits all”.  Like all companies, we have our preferred go-to systems that we’ve learned to trust over the years, but we are always prepared to design a brand new system if that works best for the project at hand.

Our architect, engineers and service personnel are familiar with all systems on the market today and are fully informed of any new developments in the field as they happen.

Gate Maintenance

Automatic gate systems are made up of many mechanical and electrical parts that often operate under extreme stress. By performing critical maintenance to your gate system you can avoid costly service calls and preserve the life of your system.

All Tech’s service technicians are always available at short notice should your gate system require attention. In most cases we have a same-day response time and we even can provide emergency/after-hours service. We also offer maintenance contracts to help extend the life of your system and give you peace of mind.

Service Contracts

We customize service contracts according to the number of gate systems at your facility. We offer several types of contracts including: service, quarterly maintenance, and programming/monitoring.

We offer Annual Renewable Maintenance contracts that include:

  • 4 quarterly visits by a certified gate technician to do critical maintenance.
  • Spray and lube all mechanical parts.
  • Clean circuitry of dust and insect nests.
  • Testing and diagnostics of emergency and safety devices.
  • Adjustment of gate hardware such as rollers and hinges.
  • Re-align gate to avoid dragging.
  • Check and clean gate track.

Hourly Service Rates

We dispatch technicians at hourly rates. Any parts and materials are additional. We accept checks or credit cards.