30+ Years of Perimeter Security Solutions

At All Tech Services and Solutions we have multiple members of our core team with 30+ years of experience in the field of electronic and security gating! We saw a need for a specialist service company that actually did what was promised, even if that is simply returning a phone call. We attribute our exponential growth and expansion to our higher standards.

We are fully licensed and insured. OK, everyone declares that; so, what does it really mean?

First, we carry $10 million insurance polices for general liability, worker’s compensation, and on our service vehicles.

Secondly, Louisiana is the first (and currently only) state to require automatic gate technicians to be licensed through the Office of State Fire Marshal. This means that all of the personnel associated with All Tech have passed industry tests, examinations, and even full background checks. This means you can rest assured that, with All Tech, you have an honest person who knows what they’re doing.

Even if you don’t choose us, please make sure you choose a licensed firm: IT’S THE LAW!

We Design, Sell, Install & Repair

All Tech works with all industries to find the ideal solution to your automated and security gating needs.

We understand that gating solutions are not “one size fits all.”  Like all companies, we have our preferred go-to systems that we’ve learned to trust over the years, but we are always prepared to design a brand new system if that works best for the project at hand.

Our architect, engineers and service personnel are familiar with all systems on the market today and are fully informed of any new developments in the field as they happen.

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Questions About Security?

  • Planning a shift change or turnaround?

    Planning a shift change or turnaround?

    We can recommission an old entrance and/or exit to help with vehicle flow. We can fully go through the system to make sure it is ready for the upcoming surge of usage. We can also provide temporary/moveable vehicle and pedestrian control to help with the influx traffic on your site.

  • Are you a contractor searching for a qualified gate service professional?

    Are you a contractor searching for a qualified gate service professional?

    We sub-contract for some of the area’s largest contractors and we can help your company become a more well-rounded service provider to your customers.

  • Is there a brochure or list of gates you build?

    Is there a brochure or list of gates you build?

    We do not have one. We can build whatever you can dream. All Tech does not force you to pick gate 1, 2, 3 off the shelf! Although steel (iron) is the standard choice when it comes to gates, we prefer aluminum. From sight alone, one cannot differentiate between the two and aluminum will not rust.

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