All Tech was subcontracted by a local access control company to upgrade the Central Garage complex (large city services yard where the sheriffs’ vehicles are serviced) perimeter security. This project consisted of adding or replacing six-vehicle gates (three bi-parting swings and three slides), automating five of them with hydraulic operators, adding two pedestrian gates, and replacing/adding 400’ of the chain-ling fence line. To automate and add access control to these gates, around 300’ of concrete roadway/parking lot needed a trench cut through them so that conduit could be routed to the different gate areas. This conduit contained power wiring, hydraulic lines, and access control wiring. The trenched were either filled with concrete or asphalt depending on the existing surface. This project kicked off right as the first wave of COVID-19 hit the U.S. and All Tech temporarily lost 50% of its field staff. Although this project took much longer than expected, all parties involved were on the same page about the progress because of constant communication and status updates.

Project Name: East Baton Rouge Central Garage

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Duration: Eight Weeks

Project Description: Replace/Add Six Vehicle Gates with Five Being Automated

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