All Tech was awarded a project to replace and/or upgrade five vehicle gates between two truck terminals in the north Atlanta area. Millis Transport had two existing bi-parting slide gate systems that had not been in operation for many years but, overall, were in decent shape. Three of the four operators were replaced with high-speed hydraulic units and the last operator was simply removed (The main entrance was large enough to only utilize half of the bi-parting gate system.). All the gate rollers and hardware were replaced, new safeties were installed, and the gates were straightened as they had been struck by vehicles over the years.

Heartland Trucking had two swing gate systems that were currently being used; however, the site wanted these to be converted to slide gate systems. The existing gates, operators, and safeties were removed and replaced by new slide gate panels, high-speed hydraulic operators, and new safeties. Both getups required additional posts to be installed to support the new slide gates. The entrance setup had a severe grade change along the rear (opening) path of the gate. The asphalt parking lot was dug into to create a trench to allow the gate to slide open with no obstructions. The trench was formed and new asphalt was applied to keep everything looking clean.

This project went over schedule due to weather delays and ended up taking six days to complete.

Location: Atlanta and Cartersville, GA

Duration: Six Days

Project Description: Replace Five Vehicle Gates and Add High-Speed Automation

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