All Tech was tasked with replacing the interior vehicle gates and operators of both sally port systems. All the materials and equipment were brought down from our office because the facility is remotely located and sourcing anything locally would have been difficult. Typical prison vehicle gates are very tall at around 16’ and Moore Haven’s gates were no exception; however, these gates were much wider than usual at 26’. The gates were brought to the facility in two pieces to make them easier to transport; they were then assembled on site. Both gates were completely taken down and the new ones installed in two days’ time (not including the automation), each gate taking a full day. This was required as the facility cannot be left unsecured overnight. Over the next two days the new operators and accessories were installed and all aspects of the systems were fully tested before leaving the site.

Location: Moore Haven, FL

Duration: Four Days

Project Description: Replace two Sally Port Vehicle Gates and Automation

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